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Dr. Dyakova has given a number of workshops on Therapeutic Speech Massage in several different countries. In January of 2006, the Oregon Speech Pathology Academy sponsored a very successful workshop in Portland, Oregon.
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One of my private clients, a physician, had a severe speech and voice problem which had stymied the speech pathologists he had consulted on both the east and west coasts. I was eager to find a way to help him strengthen his oral, facial, and neck muscles so that he could communicate more easily with his patients. (Dr. Dyakova) demonstrated skills in assessment and treatment with my client which I incorporated in therapy and which helped my client tremendously. He can now speak intelligibly and with less effort.

Dianne Carlson

I can state without question, that (Dr. Dyakova's) methods of treating speech disorders are truly unique and original. Briefly, her methodology, which has become known in our profession as Therapeutic Speech Massage ("TSM"), uses massage in a manner never before used by speech therapists in the United States. It is my belief that the introduction of TSM to the American speech therapy community would represent a major step forward in the treatment of speech pathologies

Dr. Steve Xue
Associate Professor of Speech Pathology
Portland State University

I have been a Speech - Language Pathologist for the past 20 years with a focus on neurogenic with a focus on speech-language and swallow remediation. Dr. Dyakova's unique approach and training has provided me with an additional valuable modality that I can use to treat my patients.

Pamela Miller
Speech - Language Pathologist
Vancouver, Washington

(Dr. Dyakova's) overarching treatment approach, Therapeutic Speech Massage (TSM), could greatly benefit speech pathologists and their patients with (her) unique treatments and applications. (Her) workshop solidly increased my foundation for understanding implications of muscular involvement in speech and swallowing. I have been able to incorporate some of her techniques into my clinical practice and have found them especially helpful for increasing patient awareness of muscle restrictions in order to increase movement. This makes for quicker and more successful treatment outcomes

Robbyn Sanger-Hahn
Kaiser Permanente
Portland, Oregon